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2020 Street journalists captured millions of people marching in protest....#BLM2020 Millions of people marched to the poles for a Sistah... #VPOTUS.  It's time to be Uncomfortable in a good way. It's time to be on the right side of history.   



Digital Content  -  "WE RIGHT HISTORY"                                 

Original Programming

Model and Influencer Amber Rose takes her bold and provocative style to the streets with her "SLUTWALK"

Original Content  -  Documentary  -  "MUVA:SLUTWALK"                                 

Comedy    Culture    Consciousness

"FREEZTALKS" a weekly 90 minute video podcast starring comedian/actor Freez Luv. G4 produced 75 episodes amassing  over 600K views

Original Content  -  YouTube Show  -  "FREEZTALKS"                                 

Original Content  -  YouTube Show  -  "FREEZTALKS"                                 

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